Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Motivational

Have you ever just looked at ants? They're amazing little critters.
 An ant lives the first third of its life underground, in tunnels, always close to its sisters (all ants in the nest are female), in total darkness. Then one day it crawls out of the ant hill, and there's daylight, and the world is HUGE! Giant stompy feet everywhere! Other insects that want to Om nom nom it for lunch. But that ant doesn't pause for even a moment. It just goes for it.
 That's awesome, not in like the "dude way cool" sense, but in an actual, that shit inspires awe way. Every single ant lives out D-day every day, and the ant doesn't even care. When you look down at an ant hill you should think: "Oh wow, a nest filled with straight up bosses, they ain't even in a rush." Which brings me to my point, you, lucky you, are not an ant.
You got to live the first 20 whatever years of your life above ground, you've been trained you're whole life to do various shit, you have a brain. A wonderful delicious BRAIN. Zombies would love to get a nibble at all that thought pudding up in that noggin. Also, note, when you go outside, there are no zombies, there also aren't any GIANTS walking around trying to stomp on you with big spiky boots or fry you with a magnifying glass. So, what are you scared of? Get out into the big crazy world out there, cause it's really not that scary, and you're big, and at least as boss as an ant. Right? Right.